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Developed the next great invention? Choose the right option to protect it.

Have you developed what you feel is the next great invention? Great! But now what? How do you ensure it’s protected without spending a small fortune? There are several options to consider, but only one makes sense.

Big Firms = Inexperienced Attorneys + High Fees

Feel you need the expertise of a large law firm? Think again. As an independent inventor, you’re likely to be assigned an inexperienced attorney fresh out of law school. Why pay $8K - $10K for the privilege of contributing to their learning process?

Self Help = Shaky Protection + Reduced Credibility

Feel like you can go it alone? Sure, there are self-help sites out there or you can purchase a book on writing a patent application. Unfortunately, people who go it alone often make mistakes that cause the Patent Office to reject their applications, or limit any protection they obtain to the point where the patent is of little value. Companies may also be less likely to buy or license your invention due to the quality of your patent and the fact that it was not prepared by an attorney.

Lawson & Persson = Experience + Fixed Fees

At Lawson Persson & Chisholm, PC, you’ll receive the protection you need without the high cost of a large law firm. Mike Persson has helped hundreds of inventors in his 10 years of practice as a Registered Patent Attorney. Mike can meet with you to determine the best course of action and establish a fixed-fee so you’ll know exactly what preparing your patent application will cost. Since our overhead is low, our fees are typically thousands of dollars less than a large firm.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to protect your invention, contact us for an initial consultation. We’ll evaluate your invention, provide a reasonable fixed fee and put our experience to work for you.

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