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If you’re working hard to build a business or getting ready to start a new company – we can help. We provide up-front pricing and straightforward legal advice, not confusing legalese.

A common sense approach
You know your business better than anyone, but you can’t know everything. Just as you wouldn’t diagnose and treat a medical problem based upon what you find on WebMD, you shouldn’t rely on self-help legal web sites to ensure that your business is protected. That’s where we come in. We know business law and provide common sense advice that’s tailored to your specific legal needs.

Up-front pricing with no surprises
When you work with us, you’ll know what to expect before we begin. We won’t hit you with surprise fees or hidden charges. We’ll meet with you, discuss your situation, and put together a fixed-fee legal plan that addresses your specific concerns. Take a look atwhat we can do for you.

We know business law
At Lawson Persson & Chisholm, PC, we not only know business law, we have the only registered patent attorney practicing in the Lakes Region. Mike Persson is experienced with intellectual property issues including:

• Patents
• Trademarks
• Copyrights
• Trade Secrets

Of course, we aren’t familiar with all legal areas. So, if there’s an issue you face that’s outside our level of expertise, we’ll refer you to an attorney who will deliver the legal advice you need. Our goal is to have highly satisfied long-term clients. We won’t sacrifice your trust by attempting to handle a legal issue for which we’re not qualified. That’s just the way that we do business.

How do you get started?
If you are ready to get started, please contact Mike Persson to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll listen to you and tailor a plan that meets your needs. No legalese and no surprises. We promise.

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